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Hey, Lincoln! How do you feel? (We feel good, oh, we feel so good! UGH!)

(... please tell me that Mr. Bailey still makes you guys do that at spirit assemblies?)

So! Lincoln Drama: If I were in town on Friday, November 2nd, would I be able to catch a performance of "The Women?" I just finished an internship at ACT in Seattle, and they're doing their own production.
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Oh man. Whew. So. All moved in.

Well, the stuff is in the apartment, but it's not entirely in the correct place. This will be fixed soon.

But, can I just say... my apartment rocks?

1. BIG cushy couches. Sleeps two people, right there.
2. Kitchen with a thousand drawers. I like playing house.
3. View of Greenlake, Cascades, and Mount Rainier. Greenlake is a block away! Nice backyard, yes?
4. Rockin' roomie, who is having a rockin' birthday today.
5. Divine new bed, with beautiful sheets.
6. HUUUGE living room. C'mon over and see it!
7. Zen (read: small) bedroom... which works out, because I'm not tempted to have a ton of stuff.
8. And because eight is my lucky number, let's not forget that I got a vacuum for seven bucks.

Maybe some pictures later!

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PRICELESS. I just found the break-up note given to me by my first boyfriend. Oh. So. Priceless. Misspellings included.

"Sorry, but I have to do this. I am breaking up with you. I want to do this because you are to absested with X-Files, I like the way I said Mulder & Scull. I know you probably wont cry but if you feel the need, don't. There is no point. There are many other people in the world."

(I corrected the way he said "Scully." He pronouced it "School-y.")

Oh, to be 13 again...
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Update on chest pain: It's costochondritis. What the hell is that, you might ask?

"The key symptom is pain-not in the center portion of the chest under the breastbone, which is more typical of heart related pain-but rather pain along the edges of the breastbone. Many patients, and even doctors, can occasionally be thrown off as the pain can radiate into the arms, shoulders, or across the entire chest."

That describes my pain exactly. Basically, it's a inflammation of the cartilage where the ribs join the breast bone. It'll last for about 6 months, and the answer is taking Mortin or Aleve twice a day, and no heavy lifting.

So! Kind of a pain, but it won't kill me. Yay!
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10 pounds! I'm so thrilled! That's over 5% of my body weight, gone. I think I must have lost some of the weight last week, but was retaining water (not drinking enough and too much salt) and thus no visible weight loss.


I decided it would be important to celebrate a little, and my first thought was "Chipotle!" Then I realized that would pretty much undo everything I'd worked hard on this week. So after I nixed all food related rewards, I decided I wanted something a bit more lasting. I bought a candle for the new apartment, since Cara and I plan to fill the fireplace with candles. Also bought some No Pudge brownie mix for later. Still a food reward, but hard to go overboard. I could eat ten brownies and still not go over on my remaining daily points. Not that I plan to.

And since I'm pretty much a walking advertisement for Weight Watchers, I might as well endorse No Pudge as well: http://www.nopudge.com/
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Weight Watcher Update

I've lost 7.2 pounds in four weeks, and I feel pretty great about it.

This last week, I was in Seattle trying to find an apartment. With a time crunch looming over head, very few leads, couch crashing, and one of our deals falling through... it was a tricky, tricky week. Three days where I had pizza for dinner, and two of those times I ordered a caesar as well. There was also a lot of travel, so Cara (my future roommate) and I ended up getting McDonalds twice, something I would never dream of doing. Their salads are actually decent, not killer. But honestly, I'm pretty impressed how well I did. I made an extreme effort (bringing healthy snacks to a party, taking extra time to calculate points on ready-made meals...). Cara is also on a weight loss plan, so we kept each other in check. And Katrina, whose couch I crashed on, knows all about WW through her mom, so she was a good resource.

So! When I went to weigh in on Thursday at the Northgate WW, I was extremely happy to see that I maintained my weight exactly. Not even .1 pound of difference. While this could be viewed as totally depressing, I'm thrilled. Yeah, man! I could have EASILY gone overboard, and I kept it together.

Anyhow! I know 7.2 isn't a ton of weight, but so far people have said they notice the loss in my mid-section and in my face. Which is pretty wonderful.

Also, I managed to hit the India Festival today without going overboard. Indian dishes are about ten points or so, and with the mounds of white rice they give you... could be bad. But I got a combo plate so I got a little taste of everything, and I only ended up eating about half. My parents split the rest. Smart move, Maier. Plus, smiling and clapping for joy at the sheer cuteness of the little girls parading around on stage in miniature saris has to count for something, yeah?

Thanks for reading!
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